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5) Do you have nicknames? If so, what are they?

Haha, I guess so. My friends call me Lo, Lolo, The Loganator, and my least favorite, Log. My parents call me bird… I don’t know why. They’re weird. It’s the only thing they still agree on.

31) Do you miss anyone from your past?

Of course. I miss my nanny who died from Breast Cancer a few years ago. I miss stupid people like my ex who cheated on me. I even miss the people I was close with before high school, before everybody changed.

70) What makes you happy?

Consistantly - God. My youth group, my family, my closest friends, praying, singing, my puppy and my kittens, when the guy I like smiles at me, COUNTRY MUSIC, romantic movies, winning arguments, getting compliments on tumblr, SHOPPING, cheesy jokes, FOOD, warm weather, traveling, and Christmas time. Haha, and that’s not even the half of them. :)

jenniferstylinson said: Choclate or vanilla? Winter or Summer? Ford or Chevy?


Anonymous said: scotty or jason aldean


Anonymous said: scotty mccreery or lauren alaina

Scotty :)

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