My ask is officially empty!

I finally got all my requests done! So there won’t be any more edits… until you guys request more :)

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Brad: Let’s get right to it. What’s your favorite color?
Carrie: Blue is my favorite color.
Brad: Wrong. I actually looked on Wikipedia and it said red.
Carrie: I like red too.

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So my fiancee and I are trying to win this contest that will pay for our wedding and it would be awesome if you could vote for us! It would seriously take like 3 seconds, you just click the link and hit vote and you’re done! Pretty please?

You guys are amazing! Not spam I promise!

This is the link:

This will literally take 3 seconds, and it would be so amazing if you could help out and reblog this and just vote! Seriously, my fiancee and I can’t really afford a wedding and our parent’s aren’t helping us out at all so it’s just me and him paying for this wedding so if you could vote and maybe help us win it would be FABULOUS!!!!

Thank you sooooooo much!!!!

Ok all :) so I just discovered that you can vote more than once! You just have to wait a day :(

The thing is though, we just found out about this contest yesterday and it ends in 2 days :( So if you could maybe share this onto your walls and ask your friends to vote it would be amazing.

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