9thandirving said: Sugarland

Oooooh… that’s tough. I love them! Probably a tie between “Something More” and “Stay.” :)

cakepod said: eli young band!

Crazy Girl for sure :)

pupkush27 said: Trisha Yearwood:)

She’s In Love With the Boy :) It’s like my designated shower song.

givemechampagne said: gary allan?

Definitely “Watching Airplanes.” Because I do that all the time. :)

Put a country music artist in my ask & I’ll tell you my favorite song by them. (:

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countrymusikchesus said: I'm sure you get this a lot but you look like Amanda Bynes your so pretty! :)

Haha! I really don’t get this a lot… I don’t see it at all! But thanks anyway :)

Anonymous said: what's your favorite country song right now? and what's your favorite of all time?

Right now, would probably be… Amen by Edens Edge. And of all time, would be Cowboy, Take Me Away by the Dixie Chicks. :)

"I cried like hell during Marley & Me."

— Luke Bryan

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Made a new page called, “my edits.” Now it’ll be easier for requesters to see what I’ve already done! :)